Response to Activation

On Call 24/7  prompt response. Expert response to fire alarm activation

Alarms mean nothing without prompt and appropriate response.

The New Zealand Fire Service will respond to your fire activation and work to investigate and extinguish any fires. But that’s not all you require.

It may be that the fire system activated, because of a reason other than a fire, in which case initially a response is required, investigation is required by a technician to ascertain the root cause. Upon evaluation and addressing any issues, the system is reinstated. In the event of an actual fire, undamaged parts of the building may still require fire systems to be reset. This is especially crucial as fire systems are often integrated and can affect other security systems.

Make sure that the organisation who maintains your fire protection systems are available to respond to alarm activations.


Our services include

Response to Activation

Alarm and Security System Reset

Fire Suppression